Payment Posting

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) payment posting is done as a service using two methods described below:

  • Manual Posting – EOBs are sent to the posting team by scanning them in at the doctor office level, shipping them in pre-paid envelopes, or having them picked up directly at the provider’s location. Once they are retrieved posting is done only after creating batches of payments.
  • This batch system allows for proper accounting making sure that the money deposited into the doctors’ checking accounts matches our posting “penny to penny”.
  • Auto Posting – EOB payments come in the form of ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) files which are downloaded directly into the provider’s Practice Management system. All posting is done directly in the system so the provider can audit at any time.

When necessary secondary claim submission, patients statements submission, and denials tagging can all happen at the time of payment posting.